Welcome to Crimea Quiz Game


This is an exciting, fun to play, and educational game about Crimea. Crimea is in the news, but what do you really know about it? Find out by playing in a quiz game with your friends and family.

This game requires an Apple TV and one or more iPhones to play.

A video showing how to setup and play the game can be found here:
Instructions Video

We also created a simple live quick run-through showing setup and one turn of the game running on 3 actual iOS devices and the Apple TV. The run through video is here.

With this game, you can use your iOS 7 iPhones and your Apple TV to play a quiz game in your living room. One person should set up their iPhone for AirPlay Mirroring with the Apple TV. The other players just use their iPhones and connect via either Bluetooth or local Wifi networking. You do not need to be connected to a Wifi base station to participate. The devices will find each other and connect. After everyone launches their copy of the application the player with the AirPlay mirror on the Apple TV presses the “Begin Game” button and the fun begins.

When the game launches the AppleTV shows a satellite image of Crimea and waits for the players to connect.


As everyone is launching their copy of the application the player with the AirPlay mirror is initially presented with a setup screen.

initial setup screen

The basic setup screen shows a slider in the lower portion of the screen. You use this slider to adjust the number of questions used in a game round. Slide it back and forth to the change the number of questions. You cannot set the number of questions below 2. The slider begins with a default value of 12.

About half way up the screen a colored button with the text "Timer Off" is shown. This button enable a timer that begins with each new game question. When you tap on the button it changes to show "Timer On". A slide to control the timer duration, in seconds is also present when the timer option is on.

timer setup screen

Just like the other slide control, you can change the value of the question timer. When you have setup the game, press the "Setup is Ready" button.

The player running the mirror on the Apple TV presses the “Begin Game” button and the fun begins. You can also press "Setup" before you start if you want to change any game settings.


The player with the iPhone that is mirroring to the AppleTV also plays the game. As the other players launch their copy of the game they see a display that shows they are awaiting the game to start.


On the Apple TV each player will see a single question, randomly chosen by the game, and several possible answers. Only one of the answers is correct.


On each iPhone, including the player connected directly to the Apple TV, an answer is chosen by pressing the matching button on your device.


The player controlling the mirrored Apple TV has an optional button at the bottom of his iPhone display permitting the question to be skipped at any time.

skip question button

The first one to get it correct will score.


If no one gets it right the turn will still end after everyone has made a choice. The Apple TV screen will show the correct answer and whichever player got it right first.


Here is how the Apple TV shows the question screen when the optional timer is enabled...

question with timer

The timer continues to count down until it hits zero. I no one has answered correctly by then, the question ends. As the timer counter gets below 10 seconds it becomes increasingly red.

Play continues until all the questions have been answered. The player, or players, with the highest score at the end wins.


Have fun playing this exciting quiz game about Crimea and learn something too.